Automate the two-way communication touchpoints
for all of the WD Programs in your AJC.
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ATLAS | ai 

Over three years ago, CTS launched ATLAS |ai, a cloud-based, streamlined SMS and MMS communication platform with built-in intuitive interfaces that enhance the customer engagement experience. Think about all the WD Programs offered in the AJCs, all the touchpoints requiring two-way communication, ATLAS | ai can automate this process. Engage customers anytime anywhere with ATLAS | ai. It doesn’t replace the human case management experience, but offers an innovative, real-time solution to meet customers needs, while increasing engagement levels and ensuring compliance. CTS has built a library of templates that customers can access ranging from:  Marketing/Outreach, Appointment Reminders, Monthly Engagement, Verification of Training, Training Completion, Employment Verification to Post-Exit Follow-Up just to name a few; all of which can be customized to meet the region’s needs. ATLAS|ai offers a calendar option so you can pre-set reoccurring SMS for repetitive tasks at required intervals. In addition, we also offer the flexibility of direct messaging to customers. API interface option is available, barring state level approval to extract customer responses to state system of record via case notes.

With ATLAS | ai you can:

  • Create text-based messaging paths to supplement phone and in person interactions.
  • Build automated question and response logic per program and groups within program.
  • Customizable logic within threads.
  • Scale response efforts by answering frequently asked questions with templates and branching logic.
  • Threads/templates offer the ability to include PDFs, images, etc.
  • Threads customizable by workforce development staff -can be created, edited, and added at any time.
  • Standard text messages at predetermined times – weekly, monthly, quarterly set by staff.
  • Collect, track, and respond to feedback from customers.
  • Monitor and manage caseloads with quick view.
  • Establish text message alerts for time sensitive requests, appointment reminders, etc.
  • Reporting features to track results and responses – individually or mass communications.
  • Set indicators to allow for quick visual reminders of problematic responses or high priority.
  • Request image(photo) SMS from customer and send to queue or customer ATLAS record.
  • Responses automatically recorded in participants ATLAS record.
  • API interface with state system of record, contingent upon each state approval, automate responses via case notes.