ATLAS CommUNITY Connextions

ATLAS CommUNITY Connextions:

It is a robust cloud-based platform that connects all your partners in one centralized system.  Partners are anyone you define this to be and may include: mandatory, co-located, community/faith-based, employers and training provider partners.  The system provides a 4-way real-time partner referral.  One of the key features of our system is that it operates on accountability, once an online referral is executed real-time, the customer, the referring agency, the receiving agency, and OSO Admin. are simultaneously notified of the referral.

  • Search profiled partners and services by keyword or by tags.
  • Partners can view all available community resources and services, application information, locations, point of contact, review eligibility, program requirements and provide immediate referral access to customers identified resources.
  • Partner Directory allows you to pin partners in desired order.
  • Centralized Built-in calendar of events feature, where partners can share upcoming events with everyone in the partner network.
  • ATLAS CommUNITY Connextions Newsletter, which allows for agencies to submit articles to share with the partner network.
  • Generate reports by partner agency and service type.


If your goal is to increase partner engagement through a centralized platform, then we’ve got you covered.