What Our Customers Say

Jerome Salatino

Executive Director, CareerSource Pasco Hernando

“The ATLAS solution has enabled us to provide seamless document management and customer tracking throughout our One-Stop centers. I don’t know how we operated without a management solution like this before.”

Richard Williams

Executive Director, CareerSource Chipola

“ATLAS gives me the ability to create a variety of reports. The data lets me see at a moment’s notice the exact amount of customers we are serving, what services they are requesting and at what location they are at. I can use the ATLAS charts and graphs to get a snapshot of the data or import it into a spreadsheet program to create my own. Just the reporting functions of ATLAS make the system worth it!”

Diane Head

CEO CareerSource North Florida

“Our team has had the pleasure of working with CTS ATLAS to engage with participants and potential participants. The SMS product is easy to implement and use. But the best part is CTS ATLAS’ people who work closely with our team to ensure success.”

Cheryl Goebel

CareerSource Pasco Hernando, Workforce Services Programs

“We have developed a great partnership with Complete Technology Solutions (CTS) and their dedication to our staff and IT services is evident in all aspects of our organization and those we serve. We appreciate their attention and support to detail and the creative approach to bridging the gap. The team at CTS is super friendly and work endlessly to ensure we have the most up to date technology supports to keep our systems moving quickly. ”

Lynette Saxton

Project Director, Missouri

“The Complete Technology Services (CTS) team (Steve and Mike) has provided remote services to our project for over three years. The first product we purchased was their document storage system, where we currently house over 4,500 individual records, which equates to over 141,000 pieces of documentation. Next, we bought the SMS product, which allows mass text and emails and automatically loads the communication into each case file, maintaining HIPPA and PPI rules. Finally, we purchased their auditing product which allows external auditors temporary access to specific files and documents and sets the length of the review period.”


“One Stop Partner Portal has assisted our region in measuring our impact in the community. The system allows you to measure service referrals to and from partners within your network. The portal has increased our communication with our partners through the calendar and newsletter feature. The best part about the system is the ability to customize the referral questionnaire, so each agency is able to collect the crucial information on an individual to be able to service them.”

Project Director

“I LOVE the ATLAS team!”

WD Manager

“As of December 2022, six months after beginning our journey with the ATLAS team, our local area has gone live with the paperless filing system, meeting our goal from the previous year. We have a timed rollout for the referral portability and tracking portal, and our business services portal is set to go live within the next 30 days. Shortly thereafter, we will begin the introduction of SMS capabilities to our participants. ATLAS continues to expand in innovative ways to provide optimal services and delivery. The value it brings to our staff and participants is unmatched.”